New menu, performance and abilities | Devlog #3

Hello everyone! Since the last video I made some progress:

The most noticeable is that I changed the main menu. Now you can see that the camera is moving in space instead of particles towards the player.

The same applies for death screen -- you can see your score and button to main menu. I will probably remove this button later and the player would just click to get into the main menu.

As I wanted in previous video, I changed colors a bit. I didn't like that planets were too light and they messed with foreground object, so I made them a little bit darker and added some outlines for enemies.

You can see some "kind of fog" in the background which is just a texture spawned on the grid the same way as planets, nebulas, and stars.

Still working on GUI. In the next iteration, I want to add some sounds and change hover effect a bit.

Also added some performance plots to see what is happening when I see low FPS. For now, I just cut some slow parts and will fix that later.

Enemies now have new behavior -- they can follow you and then rotate around which is convenient for laser-connected enemies and snakes.

Last week I worked on controls a bit -- added maneuverability parameter for each ship and also maneuverability upgrade. With higher maneuverability, you would be able to change the ship's direction faster.

I limited number of side bullets and side laser upgrades, now it's simply 2 side bullets or lasers you can have at a time. If you pick another upgrade that will simply increase expiration time.

I spent a lot of time fixing some crazy bugs like infinite memory allocation due to integer overflow.

I made even more crates and now I have 9 crates in workspace including the main crate.

Huge thanks to my fist patreons: ozkriff and nikita, they will be able to play the demo of the game next month!

Sorry for being quiet last two weeks. If you are interested in my progress take a look at my trello board.

Thank you for watching. Follow me everywhere! Bye!

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