My asteroids like game Devlog #002

This week I added some new features and more types of enemies:
First enemy is ship with big pinball-like bullet which reflects from objects it collides with.

Andrey Lesnikov( showed me his old game with some interesting enemies. Here you can see them implemented  into my game: If enemies are close enough to each other then there are lazers between them . Currently they simply follow player's ship but I will make them rotate around

This week I added some small new features like:
* lazer length upgrade now.

* background becomes red when player's ship got hit

* explosion size now depends on asteroid's size. I also will work on explosion effect itself, because it looks really weired for big asteroids.

* Bullets reflection upgrade

* lazer gun now also affected by side projectile upgrade.

* And sound now becomes quiet if it's far away from player

Started working on menu:
GUI looks ugly at the moment, but it works for now -- You can select weapon and ship.
And as you may see here is also simple background particles move towards player.

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